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TwoTrees TTS-55 Pro Laser Engraver Offline Control 80W Blue Light Cnc Machine for Precision Laser Engraving and Cutting

TwoTrees TTS-55 Pro Laser Engraver Offline Control 80W Blue Light Cnc Machine for Precision Laser Engraving and Cutting

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Brand Name: T-Trees


Model Number: TTS

Certification: CE

Certification: ce

Is Smart Device: YES

1: Two Trees

2: CNC Laser Engraver

3: Laser Engraver

4: 450±5nm Blue Light

5: CNC Router

6: Wood Leather Cutting Machine

7: With Wifi Offline Control

9: Powerful Laser

10: TTS-55 Pro

11: Cnc Machine

12: Powerful Laser Engraver


TwoTrees TTS-55 Pro Laser Engraver With Wifi Offline Control 80W Laser Engraving Cutting Machine 445±5nm Blue Light Cnc Machine

Latest Laser Beam Shaping Technology: TTS-55 Pro uses the latest 5.5W laser beam shaping technology diode laser, it has an ultra-fine 0.08mm sharp laser focus, with super cutting penetration and precision, can cut up to 8mm thick wood, 5mm acrylic, carve ceramics and stainless steel.
Fast focus design: Combines a fixed focus lens and a knob to adjust the height. You just need to turn the knob to focus. Equipped with a fixed focus column, which makes it very easy to use.
Easy assembly structure: aluminum profile structure design, double Y-axis motors make the machine work more stably and improve the engraving accuracy. 60% pre-assembled, assembly can be completed in 30 minutes.
Square measuring ruler: X-axis and Y-axis contain precise scale lines, which is convenient for you to measure the size of engraving objects quickly.
Wide Compatibility:Support mobile APP control, wifi connection, USB connection, offline USE,The machine is compatible with various mature engraving software, such as LaserGRBL, LightBurn, Benbox, GrblController, LiteFire, supports PWM mode engraving, supports Windows Mac system, and engraving file format Support JPG, PNG, DXF, SVG, G-code, NC, BMP, etc.
Safe Design: The laser filter cover filters 98% of the ultraviolet light to the eyes. The motherboard has a separate control switch.

Machine parameters:

Model: TTS-55 Pro /TTS-10 Pro

Machine Weight: 3kg

Engraving Range: 300 * 300mm

Laser Wavelength: 445 ± 5nm

Engraving Accuracy: 0.1mm

Engraving Speed: 30000mm / min

Software Support System: MAC, Windows

Machine Material: Aluminum Profile + Plastic Parts

Power Supply: 12V 4A DC / 24V 4A DC

Control Board: LTS esp32 Motherboard (32bit)

Laser Power: 5.5w/10w (optional)

Input Power: 40w/80w  (optional)

Software Identification File Format: NC, BMP, JPG, PNG, Gcode, Etc

Supporting software: Lasergrbl (Windows system), Lightburn (General)

Power type: European standard / American Standard (Optional)

Languages Supported By The Software: Chinese, English, Italian, French and German

Working Environment: Temperature 5-40 ℃, Humidity 20-60%

Engraving Mode: USB Online, TF Card (Application Program, Web Page Control)

Carving Materials: Wood, Plastic, Paper, Leather, Sponge Paper, Alumina, Etc

Engraving Mode: Graphic Engraving, File Engraving, Scanning Engraving, Contour Engraving And Pixel Engraving

Note: Transparent materials cannot be cut or engraved directly, and the surface needs to be covered.


you may want to know
Q1. Why does the title say 80W/40W, but the laser is 10W/5W?
A: 80W/40W is based on the effective power of the laser machine of the carbon dioxide laser engraving machine, and its actual laser output power should be 10W/5W.
Q2. Can I engrave metal?
A: Yes, TwoTrees laser engraving machine uses compressed spot technology, the spot size is only 0.08mm, and supports engraving stainless steel and various coated metals.
Q3. Can it be used without an air-assisted air pump?
A: Yes, the laser can work without an air compressor, using an air compressor is just to increase the cutting effect and efficiency.
Q4. Can clear glasses and Stanley cups be engraved?
A: Yes, it can engrave glass or Stanley cups. For transparent glass, you can cover it with black paint or color value and then complete the engraving.You can contact us to watch the test video
Q5. Can this machine only cut dark acrylic?
A: Yes, the laser cutting machine can cut dark acrylic, but not clear acrylic.
Q6. Is there a user manual?
A: Yes, there is a paper user manual in English/Russian/German in the box, and there is also a QR code to get the tutorial video.
Q7. Is there a warranty?
A:Twotrees laser engraving machines enjoy long-term warranty service.
If any parts fail within 90 days of receipt, they can be replaced free of charge.
For malfunctions or other issues after 90 days, you will be charged shipping costs.
Q8. Do I need to pay tax?
We have warehouses in Brazil, Europe, Russia, the United States, Mexico, Chile, the United Arab Emirates, and South Africa. If you choose to ship from overseas warehouses, you will not need to pay customs duties.All our items come with warranty and good after-sales service
If you encounter any problems, please feel free to contact us and we will help.
Please note! Please make sure your address is correct and complete before making payment. (For orders shipped from China, please confirm that the address is in English)
Usually, we will start shipping your order within 24 hours and provide logistics track information within 48 hours. (Some logistics channels may have delays)
Please understand that customs duties are beyond our control and are the recipient's responsibility.
If you have questions, please consult your local customs.

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